Project and timekeeping

  • Time management integrated with project and project tasks

  • Timekeeping on desktop and mobile devices (with and without coverage)

  • Automation of hours with start and stop

  • GPS coordinates for driving route

  • Flexible and adapted to your needs

  • Integration with Poweroffice, Uni Micro and Visma Severa

  • Register hours or autostart when the job starts

  • Hours are approved either via dashboards or that the person in charge receives notice

  • "My hours" and hours for approval are displayed on the home page in the portal for the individual employee and managers

  • hourly reports and analysis

  • Integrated with project management tools and a separate module for resource management

"We have been using Styrsys and Styrprosjekt for several years now, and are very happy! Here you get simple and good management of projects and timekeeping. It is a very good collaboration, short way to support and developers which is a big plus for us. Here we get help when needed! ITassist offers a large, flexible platform with many integration options, and opportunities for adaptations to the necessary purpose, which has been right up our alley.
Ole Christian Bakås, CEO, Eiendomsdrift-"


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