Management system requirements

contract Requirements
When signing contracts in building and construction, you must have a documented quality management system that is incorporated and used in the company.


The law places demands on a management and quality system
The Planning and Building Act and the Working Environment Act (the building regulations and internal control regulations) make specific requirements for the management system. Styrsys meets these requirements.


Environmental Certification
Styrsys meets the requirements for environmental management and certification.


Central Approval
Styrsys meets the minimum requirements for central approval. Styrsys has its own help page for the central approval process.

QMS / HSE system for Consulting Engineers

Styrsys is recommended by RIF, but is also used by companies, which are not RIF members.

Styrsys on WEB is based on RIF's document-based quality system and management system.

Styrsys is the recommended quality system for RIF members:

What is required to be approved by RIF:

See instructions for the RIF Approval Board

About Styrsys (QMS / HSE system)

The Styrsys portal is a web-based management system analyzed by NEMKO for ISO9001 and ISO14001.


  • Support tools for obtaining centralized approval. Covers environmental management and certification requirements for consulting engineers

  • Contains management documents for HSE and CS

    • According to the requirements given in

      • The Planning and Building Act

      • Work Act

        • Client Regulations

        • Internkonrollforskriften

    • Contains documents such as

      • quality Plans

      • Control Plans

      • delivery Plans

  • Key updates in regulations, standards and legislation are made available for customer installation

  • Templates for professional documents and checklists

  • Assistance in moving files from today's QMS system to Styrsys

  • Assistance from specialist advisers in the establishment and according to the customer's needs

  • Password protection and secure login in accordance with new privacy laws

  • The structure of Styrsys is adapted to the individual company

  • User-friendly editing tools. All information relevant to the employees can be posted in the portal. Useful tools, links, new and useful

  • Support for analysis of nonconformities / measures, improvement proposals, measurement of customer satisfaction and digitization of controls

  • Statistics showing the use of the system. Audit history of documents and files

Prices QMS / HSE-System

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