About Us

ITassist employees have experience with business systems for over 30 years. We have been building systems for the construction and construction industry for almost 9 years.


Our motivation for going to work every day is that we want to succeed with you as a customer.


We are a small company that is flexible and has a huge willingness to stand.


The advantage of our systems and tools is that they are integrated and module-based. This means that your company can grow with the systems and use modules as needed. Secondly, there are fewer systems to maintain.


We have emphasized flexibility in our framework so that we can adapt work processes in that company, without having to program costly code.


We also want to be your digital consultant. Digitization affects us in all walks of life.


Where does your digitization journey go? Contact ITassist for advice!

Contact Us

Address: Vestre Brugate 5, 3300 Hokksund, Norway

Org.no: 992 547 928

Switchboard: +47 951 00 850

Support Phone: +47 950 70 170

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