Why electronic completion and approval of checklists and procedures?

  • Receive notification when inspection or inspection is to be performed, so that the risk of slipping is reduced.

  • Private and peer control. Reduce the risk of errors by more quality assurance of the task.

  • Audit control of documents. Full tracking on inspection or request.

  • Condition reports with your own template layout. Produced automatically when control is performed.

  • Links to documents and drawings in the condition report, so that this must not be sent as an attachment to the report, but is stored on the project.

  • Digital checklists and project templates are reused for similar tasks.

  • Customize project-specific lists before the check, so you do not have to edit this in Word and Excel.

  • Field inspections. Register deviations, take photos, annotate and post comments. Everything comes on the report and is saved on the project.

  • Support for both desktop and mobile devices with and without coverage.

Value for customers

Structor Fredrikstad states value after 1.5 years in operation with digital controls:

  • Collected all documentation in one place (easier distribution)

  • Easier retrieval

  • Saves a lot on paper prints signatures and scanning

  • More effective controls

  • Checklists can be adapted before they are posted on the project, especially subject checklists (Not relevant or not on the list at all)

  • Better control that the check has been performed

  • This quality process is a security/quality stamp for the Client, but also for internal control

  • Integrated deviation process

  • Some customer stories DIGITAL CONTROLS: read more

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